The Mulligan - A Parable of Second Chances

Paul McAllister runs a very successful international business, but everything in his personal life is falling apart. While playing in a pro-am charity golf tournament sponsored by his company, Paul has a complete meltdown. With the introduction of a mysterious character known as "The Old Pro," Paul receives the inspiration he needs to reverse his downward spiral and experience his own personal “do over” which is much more about his life than his golf game.

THE MULLIGAN is an inspiring story about relationships, forgiveness and priorities.

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The Book

The Mulligan Book

Wally Armstrong and author Ken Blanchard walk you through time-tested steps for improving your golf game and your life. Told through the eyes of Paul McAllister, the Ivy League–educated founder of a multimillion dollar business, this inspiring story about relationships, forgiveness, and priorities is the shot of grace you’ve been looking for. Golf's gracious do-over, a mulligan is the beginning of Paul's own second chance. Guided by the wisdom and advice of an old pro, Paul learns about priorities, self-confidence, and playing a good game both on and off the course. If you ever thought it would be great to do some things over in life―to get a second chance―in the grip of golf pro Wally Armstrong and Ken Blanchard, author of the bestselling The One Minute Manager, The Mulligan becomes a life-changing principle.

Payne Stewart Camp

Payne Stewart Camp

More than any other sport, golf reinforces character development to make our kids better sons/daughters, classmates, and overall citizens. Our faith-based camp utilizes biblical principles to instill character-building life skills and virtues in a fun and memorable way. Each day at camp, we focus on one fruit of the spirit or virtue (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control) for the children to learn and apply to their daily lives.

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